Streak lost

(L U C A) #1

Hi there everybody, I just found out I lost my streak with over 531 days but I don’t know how, yesterday I did as always my streaks in the morning and as always I would do this one first but now I think it didn’t catch it right. All my other streaks are just fine, is there any way to retrieve the streak? I would really apreciate it :slight_smile:, if not I am set 30 days back because my other streak I started 30 days later :frowning:


I don’t know if this still works (maybe somebody can confirm), but there was a time you could get your streak restored by filling in this form:

(L U C A) #3

thank you for your reply, I filled in the form and now just have to hope they will see it :slight_smile:

(L U C A) #4

It worked, I now have my streak back :smiley:. Thank you for your reply @fauxtronic!


Oh that’s great news! It’s good to know that the Google Forms link still works so thanks for returning and confirming. :+1:

(Tim Yuan21) #6

I love a happy ending.

(Zaloast陈俊杰) #7

i cant get it to work,its says i need permission to open. what do i do?

(Primehalo) #8

Did my lessons today and saw that I lost the 5 out of 6 streaks for no apparent reason. I definitely did my lessons yesterday, and well before midnight. Tried that form mentioned above but get the message:

You need permission

This form can only be viewed by users in the owner’s organization.

This isn’t the first time my streaks have been lost when they shouldn’t have. I hate how buggy this app has become.