Streak issues on PC and Android app

As with many others, I’m having streak issues lately.

When launching the Android app or web page, all or most (it changes every day) streaks show as completed for the day even though I haven’t done any learning yet on that day. This makes it very difficult to track if learning is actually done or not.

When I do the learning on PC, the streak counters do not increment after I reach my daily goal.
When I do learning on the Android app, the streak counter does increment for the course.

If I refresh the web page after doing learning on the app, the counter increments

The “longest streak” counter is 1 less than my current longest course.

Today, I launched the Android app and 4 of the courses had a streak of 1 even though the web site showed the correct streak counter. That kinda freaks me out.

I’ve got streaks ranging between 497 and 1369 days. I’d like to not lose them.

Given global events, I understand maintaining streaks is a minor thing. Is there anything we (the Memrise community) can do to make things easier for the devs?

So I went ahead and did some learning on the Web. I did both “Speed review” and “Classic review” and I know I’ve done enough to meet my daily goal in all my active courses.

The streak counters on the web have not increased (any of them). My overall point count has gone up though so I know the points have been registered somewhere.

I also learned new words in one course and my overall word count had increased accordingly.

I looked again at the Android app and none of the learning is reflected there. 4 of the courses still show 1 for the streak count (though they are 497 and 997 on the web) and none of them show any learning done today.

So the tracking of points and words on the web seems to be OK, it’s just the streaks and the Android sync that seem off.

Hopefuly the web takes precedence over the Android app when checking at the end of the day… And hopefuly the learning done on the web is registered as “goal reached” for individual courses even though the streak counters have not incremented.

And while I’m at it… Another note…

I installed the Android app today on a new device that did not have it before. This was to rule out cached data on the device as a potential cause of the problem.

Both the old and new devices show the problematic streak counts and no learning done. So the issue seems to be with the data fetched by the Android app.

I have not done any learning on the app today in the fear that doing so would push the incorrect count data up to the web.

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