Streak Improvements

Hello, we have an update on streaks. We have been aware for a long time that we have had issues with streaks not working and the team has been looking at this over the last few months. One of the major reasons that we identified, and that you have highlighted here, for losing streaks was learning offline. This should now be fixed.

In addition, we now have a more reliable system which means streaks should not randomly break for you outside of the offline problem, and this allows us to better monitor and investigate any future issues that might come up.

Streaks is a complex feature and it was only when we started working on it that we realised quite how large a piece of work it was to fix. We have had to rewrite the entire feature from scratch which highlighted we weren’t calculating streaks as we hoped we were in the first place. We want to highlight that there are still some edge cases that we are actively working on, but we will be releasing them on a constant basis as and when we find them.

In summary, hopefully most of you will not see anything different. For those of you who regularly learn offline, you will see that your streaks are now maintained. Streaks should now work.

As with every big feature, we will do a phased roll out. That means that we will release this update gradually over the next couple of weeks, not to all of you at once. This is an industry standard that allows us to monitor better and mitigate any problem that may arise.

Kind Regards,



is there any way to tell on the Memrise web portal if a user is in the new A/B test group or not affected?

No, I am not using the mobile app and offline feature.

Has anything changed on the web UI layout to spot those “backend changes” on the web in a user account?

Or is there maybe any small status flag (which would be ununsual for unwilling testing)?

I hope I am still able to freely switch back and forth between GMT+12 and GMT-0 timezones actively on a daily basis not to lose the course streaks of unfinished courses too quickly??

My country is based on the GMT+1 timezone but there isn’t any GMT+14 timezone (only GMT-14) to push forward the 00:00am or 13:00pm deadline to 16:00-17:00pm o’clock from the previous day (I do not want to work ahead).
With winter savings I lost one hour (13:00pm vs 14:00pm on GMT+12).

You know, any23:59pm or 01:00am deadlines will completely conflict with Mondly and Duolingo streaks or Leagues.


Honestly, I am not that interested to build the most big course streaks and beat my previous max badge streak goal.

But losing 10+ days streaks on more difficult courses (1000 common verbs, 50languages, 6000 plus, 5000freq) is just too disappointing and does not really motivate me to keep doing this on a daily basis.

So better not to lose a single course streak not too soon…but as I recognize:

It will still happen every few weeks which I can better handle than losing it on a DAILY basis.

I am not doing this for “competition rankings” with other users but only for myself…

I hardly can catch-up with my huge backlog queues in multiple courses I am doing at the same time because I turned OFF multiple-choice questions.

And there are the 8 more completed “Learn PT BR Basic” and official 1-7 PT BR courses which just add up to the above scenario…

I recently successfully stepped again into the reviewing game with 100% typing for the PT BR 1-5 – completed – courses and was able to clear the backlog queue 1-n times.

So this is nice getting back to business and **re-**learning many words and Portuguese (BR) sentences.

With best regards from Germany

Apart from problems related to offline use: did you change anything regarding the message that (in the Android app) tells you that you’ve reached your daily goal? This was buggy in the past and has led to many of us losing their streak simply because the app told you that you were OK when you weren’t.

Streaks appear to be broken this morning in iOS (last update was 3 days ago to 3.1.24).

Where to start… :frowning:

For some time, before starting a lesson, the streak would be x and the enclosing circle would be missing (showing no progress yet for the day). After doing a review lesson, the circle would be most of the way around but the streak would now show x-1. Then, after doing new words, the circle would be complete and the streak would show x again. But, if I went to another course and then came back, the streak would be updated to x+1.

This morning, the circle doesn’t stick. And the streak hasn’t stayed updated. On the web I see a 136 day streak on Portuguese (Brazilian) 7. But despite doing review, new words, review, new words (and twice seeing what I described in the previous paragraph), iOS is showing me no circle and 135 days for the streak.

Streaks is a seemingly small thing but it really does help motivate one to do lessons every day. And consistent, daily work is essential for progress with a language.

Thanks in advance for anything you all can do to sort this out!

@Jborrego @IgCostaBR

Hello Jesus, Olá Ignacio,

I wonder how your implemented streak enhancements will behave on completed courses in the future.

Will there be a future setting if you want to turn the “streak panel view” ON or OFF for completed courses (to make it fit to ALL users who use the Memrise web portal or mobile app quite differently)?

Well, we know that your system is still incrementing the streaks in the background…they are just not visible in the web UI :slight_smile:
I get your firework popup dialogs on a regular basis…

Let me link my previous post from the bigger Decks thread:

I do not have only this problem for my completed PT BR 1-6 (PTBR 7 is fine because of the last bonus level).

But also with @BenWhately Ben’s great “Learn Basic Brazilian Portuguese” course (as it contains mixed phrases/sentences) which I have also completed a longer time ago and I plan to reactivate in the next couple of months, too.

My dashboard is missing the nice streak panels for my 8-1 = 7 completed official/half-official Memrise courses:

For me it looks to be much easier to track reviews – with the streaks panel – on a DAILY basis.

I really miss them.

And for completed courses with a ZERO backlog you can either choose A) **over-**watering (with 100% typing to get more points) or the new “Speed review” with a custom 50/100 or 25 words review setting.

With best regards / Muitas saudações / Viele Grüße


To clarify, this is not an AB test, this is a feature improvement that will be released to all users, so nothing to report on that topic.

We are currently working on the time zone travel as part of the edge cases I mentioned we are still tackling. I hope that clears some of the doubts.

The daily goal pop up is a different thing. We have not changed it in this piece of work but hopefully we can analyse it a little bit better in the near future Olaf.

Thank you edfagerb for opening a new thread for the issue, we will monitor it and see if it is a widespread issue or it is fixed with our new system.

Thomas, I think that feedback belongs there in Decks as we are only announcing here the fact that we have been building a new system for a while and should be out with you soon but it doesn’t affect the UI or user facing features.

Thank you all for your feedback :slight_smile:


What were the other reasons, besides being offline, identified for why streaks were broken? I ask because I went from having a 137 day streak in one of my courses to suddenly dropping to 15 days in one course, and I’ve been told my 137 streak can’t be restored. 137 days ago was the last time I was offline, because I came back from foreign travel & didn’t have access to my Memrise account while I was gone, but since then, I have ALWAYS been online & doing my courses every day. I also don’t understand, when my streak finally did get “broken” (when it really should not have), it waited 15 days to show the break instead of notifying me the day it happened. This is very frustrating, given I pay to use the app. As someone else mentioned, maintaining the streak has been a huge motivator for me & breaking people’s streaks when they should not be broken is really unfair.

Last Saturday the entire streak panel disappeared. I found the streak idea to be very motivating. Will it come back?

Last Saturday (20 Jun), I updated my MEMRISE to latest version via Google Play store. My hard work of 169 days streak break again and my streak count restart from 1. It really frustrated and demotivated me.

I noticed the break always happened after the update of App but I never experience this on my Drops.

Can you please help to fix it and is there anyway I can recover my 169 days streak? I really need it to motivate me. Please assist. Thanks