Streak error on Android

@JBorrego How should we engage to get lost streaks restored? It’s nothing but crickets from support here and on twitter aside from your response just now.

And what of the streaks lost in Nov that were also dropped?

We will follow up on this as soon as we have a fix, ensuring you all get your streaks back. We will post what’s the best way to get them back.

Again, apologies for the inconveniences this issue is causing.

Kind Regards

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Hi. If you are in charge here, could you take a look at this thread? Seems like recent novelties in Android app are too clumsy. There are some bugs listed by the users, too.


I log on to memrise to do my dailies as usual and suddenly my 272 day streak is just gone overnight! I sure have done them carefully every day, so there is no reason for them to be gone. Is there any way to fix this? (it seems the google form is gone—?)

Lost a 960 day streak today. The App said I had completed my daily goal, and the rocket circle was yellow etc. App Version 2.94_9344.

I lost a 5-day streak (comparatively less to pretty much everyone on this thread) on my Finnish course last week and thought I maybe didn’t actually meet the goal… lost my streak twice since then. And the Restore Streak Google form doesn’t work (requires permission - seriously? ). If Finnish wasn’t such a hard language for me to keep up with I wouldn’t bother posting, but since it is: in essence I’ve lost an 8-day streak, please restore. My job is already QA, please don’t make me QA your product too. (Joking, but also not really… You’re wasting my money!)

Same here. I already lost my streak twice last year and now it happened again :frowning: Yesterday again. I just learned all my courses, looked into the browser site and there I saw: Again two courses weren’t marked as done for the day although they were marked in my android app as already done. I normally do my learning on the android app and do not bother to look into the browser site. There is a serious problem with synching of the app in android. And no -it was no offline course. And yes - I am a PRO user. And no - I was in my wlan at home with both devices (PC and mobile), so there HAD to be a connection to your servers. Please fix it! And restore the lost streaks. Happened to four of my streaks (they were at 34 days).


Looks like the streaks have become reliable again. How are we to engage support to get these lost streaks restored from these blips?

From what I can see, the math is still wrong - I still get the “you’ve reached your daily goal” messages prematurely.

I lost again another daily streak with the latest version 2.94.10042_memrise.

same here yesterday with me :frowning: It is really annoying!

Any news regarding getting streak restored ?


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any response of the above mentioned comments would be appreciated.

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I have the same issue !

I am also having the same issue, even when I plant a whole 15-word level (getting all the words to have a flower), which is well above my daily goal. I don’t force close the app or anything like that. It seems like there might be some correlation to offline use (if I do it offline, and then do it online the next day, the streak usually gets lost). I’ve just given up on worrying about the streak; after all, it’s learning the content that really matters… but it’s still annoying.

I am having still the same problem of losing streaks if I don’t watch it carefully.

The app still kills streaks for some and still no word on how to get these streaks restored despite being told in this very thread that it’s going to happen.

@JBorrego how are we to engage support for those still suffering with the bug as well as having our streaks restored?

Lost again another daily streak inspite that I verified twice that it was done.
@Joshua, can someone please fix this problem.

Any information if this problem will be solved soon?

4 months since streak restore was promised, and we’ve since been ghosted on the official forums.