Streak error on Android

(Memrise Matty) #61

@RainbowMeow @filfmira @GabrieleCramer-Knebe - What version of Memrise are you currently running?

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #62

Currently running Memrise Version 2.94.7636.

It shows the Completed Streaks now even less than before. And when it show the graphics I found that 2 of my language courses where not finished. I would have lost my daily streaks if I haven’t noticed it.

(Filfmira) #63

I’m running the 2.94_7636_memrise version.

(Rainbow Meow Face) #64

2.94_7636 also uninstalled and reinstalled yesterday to see if any help in any of the bugs I have (words known count, course completed on site vers incomplete on android, etc.) No good.

(I A N) #65

Still no streak restores. WTF memrise???

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #66

Same here. :rage:

(Lennartbmail22) #67

And again lost my streak. My previous >200 day streak was also not restored although I contacted support. The app gets worse with almost every update. I’m not seeing why I should renew my Pro sub when the app gets constantly dumbed down while the number of issues I experience constantly increases.

Moto G5S, Android 7.1.1, 2.94_7701

(Bryanglasow) #68

Same here, lost another streak in the 260 day range inexplicably.

On top of my last requests to have my streak restored (due to this bug) being ignored, now the form to request a streak restore has been removed/missing/locked and no longer accessible.

What is the plan here Memrise? I just renewed my Pro sub for the year and now I am thinking it was a mistake.

(Olaf Rabbachin) #69

Ever since the problem hit me, I started to do the counting myself. I. e., I usually set the daily goal to 5min, so I’ll have to do 1500 points. Memrise seems to have a serious counting problem as sometimes the app will tell you even after a few hundred points that you’ve met your daily goal. Usually I do a lot more than 1500, it’s only at very busy times that I do only a few minutes per course (I work through 10 courses each day).

Long story short: I’ve never lost a streak again since I do my own counting.

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #70

You are lucky it gives you 5 min to select. The app will tell me that I have reached my daily goal after 5 words. And I found out the hard way too that memrise app is not counting the points correctly. Also the app setting only allows me to select 5, 15, or 30 words. It seems that 15 words are counting the points correctly. I have not tried out the 30 words because I am doing 21 courses a day.

(Olaf Rabbachin) #71

Good point! Ever since I significantly raised the number of courses I kept my daily goal at 5 words per course. The “words per day”, by the way, have nothing in common with the words you’re supposed to learn to meet your goal - it’s all in the points.

What I can say is that if you have a 5 word goal and you learn 5 new words twice (meaning to complete their “watering process”), I’ve always received beyond 1500 points alone. Also, repeating 12 words (without failure) also gives me more than 1500 points.

FWIW, I used to learn French with a goal of 30 words. This means you’ll have to do 20k points per day to meet your goal.

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #72


I have lost daily streaks on 4 of my Japanese courses that I finished about 10 to 15 minutes before midnight since the latest update to v. 2.94_8677_memrise. I can only do the studying in the night and will come mostly close to midnight, but I have never lost the daily streaks before.

What irks me even more is that I don’t get any response from Memrise anymore sending email messages asking several times to have my lost streaks back. I live and breathe on my daily streaks and I am losing slowly the patience to continue with Japanese if more courses will lose the daily streaks and I won’t get them back being a programming problem.

Android bugs
(Bryanglasow) #73

After weeks of it working as expected, the bug has returned with the latest update to 2.94_9344_memrise @MemriseMatty @MemriseSupport

I lost two of my longest running streaks due to this bug 75 days ago (One was over 260 days), thank goodness I happened to open the app on accident after “completing” my daily courses today.

Additionally there is still no word on why Memrise removed the ability to restore streaks through the online form, even opening it up to Pro members would be better to what we have now - which is nothing.

Memrise, if you are actually reading these forums know that due to these two issues (improper counted daily streaks, and inability to restore lost streaks) I cancelled my recurring Pro subscription and now give my money to Duolingo. Duoling, btw, gives one free streak restore every 48 hours if needed and has never once miscounted my daily completions over the last 4 years I have been using it.

Please, Memrise get your act together. I won’t even recommend the Android App to my friends anymore it’s so bad.

(Smibne) #74

the streak count was working good for a long while now but till this week it is again counting wrong and getting lost.
After contacting support to get streak restored i was told that currently is no restore possible since memrise is working on an improvement.
Now it made a step back. I had to restart and check all my courses several time to make sure that streak is not going lost.
Did not do this double / triple check yesterday so 3 of my 4 courses have been reset.
Please urgently fix that and also restore the streaks
This is very disappointing

Thank you

P.s. in general it is not a problem when there are bugs and issues but then especially when people pay for it there should be quick response

(Filfmira) #75

You should honestly forget about memrise (I say this and I was an avid user for 3 years) . They don’t respond to their paying customers. There’s no way to communicate with the team. They don’t answerto forum comments and questions. It’s just rude and horrible management.
Just move on to another app like duolingo or accept that you will probably loose your streak…

(Prplpll) #76

Same issue here and got the same response from support.
I’m not even that concerned about the bug itself, but the inability or unwillingness to fix it, which is quite a red flag and shows a total disregard for users. Very disappointing.

(Ludovic34) #77

Same lost half of my streak on 4 or 5 courses. AGAIN. I think i will stop to do all streak everyday, it’s far too frustrating. Memrise don’t care, and will not restore like last time. (I am a paying member)

(Bryanglasow) #78

Opened the app this morning, and discovered that one I “completed” three times (verified by purposefully closing the app, and reopening) actually didn’t stick. I verified the streak, estimated the 1500 points, and still lost it.

644 days, down the drain.

Absolute garbage.

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #79


I am confirming that this problem is back. I would have lost 2 streaks if I hadn’t checked the courses.
This is with the latest update: 2.94_9344_memrise.

Also, when are we getting our lost streaks back?You guys took that email away and trying it any other way I don’t get any response.

(Jesus) #80

Good evening!

Thank you all for your reports. We are aware of this issue and are hard working trying to resolve it as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience this issue is causing on your learning experience.

We will update you as soon as we have a fix for it and if you have lost your streaks we will restore them.

Kindest regards