Streak error on Android

(Rommy ) #41

I have the same problem. Even though I check everytime that the daily goal is reached, two days ago my streak (725 days) was reset. Today it happened again (also 725 day streak). The link that you provided does not work. Can you tell me what to do to get my streaks back?
Thanks in advance.

(Alefbetgimel3) #42

My streak is reset on a daily basis now.
Good thing that I do lessons in other lang learning app and from there I can know that my Streak is really long.

(Filfmira) #43

This is just shameful on the team really. I loved memrise. I paid to be a pro to support this project. But it seems that they don’t actually listen to their most loyal players… I’m really loosing hope here… Please some developer or representative answer to this thread. If not, I don’t really see a reason for a community forum to exist.
Thank you all for sharing your experiences, at least I don’t feel alone in this struggle.

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #44

Am I imagine it or is losing your daily streaks getting worse since yesterday’s update? Every other language I finished shows up unfinished after I close the app and use hypernate to save battery life.

@MemriseMatty, any update on that issue.

We are also being ignored emailing our lost daily streaks to Memrise. The answer I got had nothing to do with restoring my lost daily streaks.

(Memrise Matty) #45

There should be a fix for this later this week (Wed/Thur), although we cannot guarantee it will resolve the issue. Please let me know over the coming weekend if the issue still persists.

We released a fix for this issue on the Beta app last week. So if you are in the Beta program and have the app, you will be able to verify if this has been resolved.

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #46

Thank you for the update.

(Raija86) #47

Will you restore our lost streaks? I have already filled the form two times and nothing happened. I lost streaks in two of my courses 33 days ago.

(Flying Mg) #48
  • Android Device: Samsung Galaxy S4
  • OS: Lineage OS 14.1 (Android)
  • Memrise Version : 2.94_7383_memise
  • Courses Affected: Spanish

(Grumpylingo) #49

Like others I lost 6 of my streaks going up to 800 days. I should have realized sooner something was wrong as it took a few days to lose them all.

As usual it seems to take an age to get a fix for a problem that first of all was not there and had to be introduced.
Then seems to take forever to get acknowledged as an actual problem.
And then hopefully it will not get fixed at the same time as another problem gets introduced.
bug fixes
bug fixes to fix bug fixes
bug fixes to fix bugs that were not there until we brought in bug fixes to fix bugs.
Memrise is a great product and utility and I love it but stop trying to fix it even when it isn’t broken.

(Flying Mg) #50
  • Android Device: Lenovo YogaTab 2
  • OS: Android 5.0.1
  • Memrise Version: 2.94.7383_,memrise
  • Courses Affected: Spanish

(Roontiki) #51


It keeps happening to me:

Android Device: LG G4
OS: Android 6.0
Memrise Version : 2.94_7266
Courses Affected: Hebrew from Scratch I (~260 days streak lost between yesterday and today)

I also requested twice restoring other streaks lost recently due to the same bug, with no result:

  • Modern Hebrew Complete (with audio) - ~255 days streak lost 30/10
  • Learn French for Polyglot - ~350 days streek lost 22/10

The issue is not new, I lost streaks a few times before during over 1,5 years I’ve been using Memrise. Just a month ago it happened for two courses, but I filled the form and both streaks were restored very quickly. This time I’m filling the form again and again and there is no reaction. What happened?

And in the meantime, there was an update with new icon showing up. New, but already bugged - it shows up when it wants, not when the daily goal is done. Sometimes too early, sometimes never.

I would be really really grateful if you consider fixing old bugs - and in general, looking more carefully into “bug contron” topic - before getting ANY new updates :wink:

(Memrise Matty) #52

Hi - This bug should have been fixed in version 2.94_7383. If you do not have this version of Memrise on Android, please update and check if Streaks are now operating correctly.

(Filfmira) #53

Thank you Matty! When will you be restoring the stelreaks?

(Grumpylingo) #54

So far it looks like it is updating correctly, well done on that…
but on android previously it would tell you if you had got the daily goal after finishing a lesson, and of course if you did not get the daily goal you knew you needed to do another lesson to make sure you got the daily target.

It looks like the animation for reaching the daily goal has gone, so now to check to see if you got there or not you need to go backwards a step to see the rocket next to the course.

Hopefully in a another week we will be where we were a month ago.

And I’m not even going to bother about the streaks returning.

(I A N) #55

Bout time.
Now how about getting to all of our streak restore submissions we have been doing?
I’m still filthy about this.

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #56

@MemriseMatty, will we get our streaks back? I lost 3 daily streaks with the highest about 380 days. Please let us know if they are being updated or do we have to request it again writing to support?

(Filfmira) #57

I lost once again my streak and I am 100% sure that I achieved the goal! The thing is that in my phone it restarted the streak but in the web, once again, it countinues to count the streak. please PLEASE fix this issue. I know you want to implement new features, but PLEASE don’t break memrise. @MemriseMatty



(Rainbow Meow Face) #58

On a potentially related but not 100% the same note: Lately (since whatever update changed the graphics for letting me know I’ve hit my daily goal changed in android) sometimes it will pop up saying I’ve completed the streak, but if I go out to select my next course that needs work, it turns out I havn’t hit it yet, so I do another session and it again tells me I hit the daily goal (this time generally it is now done.)

(Filfmira) #59

yeah same… It has been hapening since the update. just one more problem with the app that will be ignored

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #60

Same here.