Streak error on Android

(Alefbetgimel3) #21

Well, it’s getting more and more annoying.
Yesterday I did my quota twice: first in the afternoon, verified in the evening - some points are missing, did it again. Today my streak is lost. Seriously?
OK, I did my today’s quota 30 mins ago on my phone, now I am looking at the web page, what I see: Today: 4888/ 6000 pts

Guys, are you going to fix this bug?


(Quyleanh) #22

I have screenshot here.

(Danlav) #23

For programmer: This error is not dependent on the type of tablet or phone or course type (see other posts). The system appears to write a negative value to a user’s STREAK account when a user is logged out of the system. Unfortunately, this is not a regular error (ie one that happens always), so it will be more difficult to discover and correct it.

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #24

Can we have an update if the problem will be solved soon.

And are we getting our lost streaks back.

(Olaf Rabbachin) #25

Happened to me twice this year. I do have the feeling that this happened when I only did the minimum amount to achieve the daily goal (5 mins for all here). Usually I’ll do quite a lot more than that, but if I’m busy I might do the minimum to keep the streak.
FWIW, I have been doing 7 courses each and every day for more than a year now, with some (!) streaks lost twice. It’s been only a few of the courses where the streak got lost, with others being just fine, so I assume that the app (Android here, tablet and phone) might show you that you have reached your streak when you actually hadn’t.


(kei) #26

Hopefully you’ve already gotten a reply to this, but i’ve gotten the same situation (prob because of last update) cause I was fine before and I was on 260+ streak and lost it all and used this link to get it back, however this problem is reoccurring and will just cause me to lose my streak again. Hopefully the problem gets fixed soon!

(Cat Tree Owner) #27

Did your streak actually restore after that link though? I requested it twice for the three highest streak courses I lost and it hasn’t been actioned.

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #28

I have not gotten a reply so far. And my lost streaks are still lost. :cry:

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #29

I just saw that there is an update for Androids brought out today. Hopefully that fixes the lost streak issue and we don’t have to watch our streaks like a hawk.

(Vladimir Pendić) #30

They didn’t fix anything. New bugs arrived…

(kei) #31

It worked the first time I had done it but now that it’s happening more frequently for me on all my courses, it’s not been reset yet and i’ve just given up doing it :persevere:

(Kalynnn5142) #32

The same thing is happening to me, it’s been going on for almost a month now. Lost my 363 day streak on a Korean course and an over 100 day streak on my Spanish course. Sent in bug report, and various streak reports, the streak keeps disappearing. The latest occurrence is here:

(Kalynnn5142) #33

These both happened a day apart. Is there any hope for getting our streaks back, or no?

(Baite) #34

That’s frustrating. Besides the need to have this bug fixed, for now you can get your streak back here: How to restore your Streak

I now hope that the area of bugs-fixed will emerge soon.

(Cat Tree Owner) #35

I wouldn’t hold your breath on getting your streak back - I lost a c.300, c.200 and c.100 day streak because of this error and repeatedly asking for them back by that form has done nothing. (Not that I’m bitter or anything. #blatantlies)

(R3r) #36

I lost my 870+ and 650+ day streak. I filled that google form every week 3 times and nothing. I’m continue losing my streak day after day. Cmon guys, what the phuck? May be you need stop playing with icons and fonts in app and focusing on real problems?
Before 870+ streak i lost my 350 or 400 streak, it was 3-4 years ago.

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #37

I am also still losing daily streaks if I don’t watch it. And the one I lost have not been corrected so far in spite contacting Memrise.

(Baite) #38

Yeah, if you loose such a long streak, and you like streaks, that pretty disappointing for you indeed.

(Raija86) #39

Same hear. I am sooo disappointed :cry: I have asked two times for restorting my streaks and nothing. Now I just check Memrise all the time (till midnight) and control if some of them disappear. Do something with this for God’s sake!

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #40

I live by streaks. That’s the only thing for doing the studies every day. Otherwise u would have given up s long time ago.