Streak error on Android

(Filfmira) #1

Hey there. I noticed a problem with the streaks on Android.
I was loosing almost every day my streak on android even though it said clearly that I had done the points needed for that day. I noticed that, although in the app says that I have enough points for the day, in the web view it doesn’t .

I include the screenshot of the web:

Please try to resolve this issue as soon as possible… I lost my streak of 290 days because of this error…

Daily streaks reset again and again
(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #2

Having the same problem. I lost my daily streaks on 3 of my learning apps. I always verify that the daily streak is done before moving to the next language app.

@MemriseMatty can you please look into this problem.

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #3

I almost lost the daily streaks on 2 other language apps. After finishing all the learning I closed Memrise on my Android phone. Reopening Memrise, 2 of the language apps were set to unfinished. Doing another session finished both the daily streak, again.

It appears that this is happening since the last update.

@MemriseMatty, is there a way we can get our lost daily streaks back?

(Filfmira) #4

Here is the screenshot of the app:

(Quyleanh) #5

Same here… I think this bug related to offline courses.

(Cat Tree Owner) #6

Ditto, but it’s definitely not an offline mode issue, as I’ve been getting it even when using online mode. Really annoying as my request to fix my Streaks seem to have been rejected as well

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #7


Can you please make Memrise aware of this problem. We are being ignored and losing our daily streaks.

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #8

I am in online mode only.

And this is for Memrise, my daily streaks are in order. I start with the highest daily streak descending to lowest daily streaks. That’s my OCD.

(Remily) #9

Same thing here. I was sure that I completed my daily learning but the next day I saw that it was reset. The next day, another one of my courses was reset. And the third day, the course that I had the longest streak with was reset. I am now left with only one course that has not been reset yet. Please Memrise, do something about this. I would love to have my 819 day streak back.

But considering the customer relationship skills of Memrise guys, I think we should just forget about our streaks.

(Memrise Matty) #10

Thanks for reporting this. We are aware of issues regarding Streaks at the moment and are investigating.

Can you provide:

  • Android Device
  • OS
  • Memrise Version
  • Courses Affected

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #11

Android Device: Galaxy S9
OS: Android Version 8.0.0, Samsung Experience version 9.0
Memrise Version: 2.94_6875
Courses Affected: Any Japanese Language (User created and Memrise created)

  • I believe any Language is affected.

Is there a way to get the lost streaks back?

(Cat Tree Owner) #12

Android device: Blu Vivo 5R
OS: Android 7.0
Memrise: 2.94_6875
Courses affected: Both memrise and user created courses

(Lennartbmail22) #13

Same here, initially lost a ~109 day streak, and each day after the streak was reset again (can’t get more than a 1 day streak)

  • Moto G5S
  • Android 7.1.1
  • 2.94_6875_memrise
  • Japanese 3

(Filfmira) #14

Oneplus 3
Android 8.0.0
A1 German

(Danlav) #15

My problem: I am using the “Start Speaking English” English course for more than 722 days on a continuous basis. A few weeks ago I started using the on-line tablet application (Memrise version: 2_94_6875_memrise). Every day I check to see if I increase my STREAK value. A few days ago, however, this figure was automatically reset, although I’m sure I have met the daily value of the points needed to enter higher STREAK. Today I’ve finished STREAK again. After about 5 minutes, however, the data changed and showed that STREAK was not reached. This occurred completely spontaneously without inputting any data. If I had already turned off my application, my points would be reset again. I’m sure this is a bug in the Memris program. It would be good to fix this bug, because it is very demotivating to lose STREAK in this way. I’m using Android version 6.0 on my tablet. The same thing happens to me on the phone where I use Android version 7.0. Would it be possible to correct this problem in Memrise application?

(Codingcool) #16

Same here. I’ve lost my streak in three courses during the last week. Today, a few minutes after reaching my goal, I returned to the application and saw, that the goal was NOT reached. But it definitively WAS.
Device: Xiaomi Mi6
Android: 8.0.0 OPR1.170623.027
Memrise: 2.94_6875_memrise
Courses affected: Angielski 5, French 3, Hiszpański 1

(Alefbetgimel3) #17

Same thing. Something wrong is going in last few weeks. I do my exercise in the morning, I see that it’s completed. Next morning I find out that my streak is broken… It happened at least three-four times. So, in fact I did not miss a single day in my French 5000 course since November 2017, but my streak now is 7. Today it almost happened again - I have completed the daily task of 6000 points before 7:30 in the morning. At noon I opened the app and checked out the the mission of completed for today. It was OK. Then I checked it again at 21:00 and voila: it showed that I did not finish my task for today. Please fix this behavior. Thank you in advance.

(Alefbetgimel3) #18

I can provide even more info about this bug. Today I reproduced it:
a) performed the daily quota. Got “V”.
b) closed, opened memrise app, still see the “V”
c) performed “Forced stop” of the memrise app
d) opened memrise app, see no “V” anymore, one exercise is missing.

So, it seems that you don’t actually save the last status until… ???
if the Android OS stops the app for its own reasons or if a user stops the app using the “forced stop”, then the last result is gone.

Hope it helps.

(Alefbetgimel3) #19

Forgot to specify:
Samsung S8+
Android 8.0.0
Memrise app 2.94_6875_memrise

(Cat Tree Owner) #20

Is there any way to flag that we’ve lost streaks because of this bug? I requested a streak reset back at the end of September when it first flared up (when I thought it was just a sync issue with offline mode) and haven’t got it, even though it’s been more than 7 days. I presume this is because I hadn’t actually met the daily target according to your records, but it doesn’t seem very fair.