Streak doesn’t sync between devices

I recently changed my phone and downloaded Memrise on the new IOS device, but the none of the streaks successfully shows up on the new device. On the web and on the old device, all the streaks are still the right numbers. However, every course continues to display a “0 day streak” on the new phone. The progresses are recorded, but it seems to be forcing me to restart the streaks.

I have tried to delete the APP, restart the phone, and log back in, but the streaks are still not restored. I am now using my old phone to do my daily Memrise work just to keep the right record. Is there any solution for such a problem?

There seems to be an issue that doesn’t concern all users. Don’t have the time to look for it, but you can try and search for the latest postings with “streak” in them.

Well it happened again. I knew it would when the new design came out and then the streaks started showing I was completed on all my courses before I even started at the start of the day. I still did my daily goals on each course, even though they weren’t being reflected. And of course, i could no longer see my point totals, since the new design removed that ability. But this morning I found several courses go from numbers like 404 days to 3 days. Others kept the 404 days.

I know streaks don’t matter to many people; however, for me it is something that keeps me doing the course on a daily basis. Memrise has broken the streaks before (404 days ago or so for example, and indeed 523 days ago I lost all streaks too).

Another thing I was keeping track of was my points, and how I was doing compared to others as well as myself over time. Now that feature has been been removed from the app.

I think it may be time to simply go to reviewing old courses periodically, since the features that help motivate me have been removed by Memrise. And I just got my 3 year anniversary email earlier this month. :slight_smile:

I had the same problem today, a lot of my streaks reset to 6 days (they were much higher) . i logged out and in again and they restored to the correct values (well one day less than the web site says).
i have already reported this here ( My daily goal doesn't change)
Note that in my case even though the daily goal is showing as complete every day if I do a review and get enough points the streak count will go up by 1.


I can’t even see the streaks for the completed course on the web site. So I have no idea what’s going on there. I did log out and log back in, and no changes to streaks.

This gets boring, losing streaks due to some coding issues. Features going away on the apps. Stuff being different on the website and the app. Not worth my time trying to fix or figure out a workaround, I’ll just stick to another provider probably, and just do Memrise occasionally.