Streak bugs 07/2020

I recently noticed a weird bug. My current streak is 113 days. When i go into my summary, Its shown as my best streak is 94. The only thing that bothers me is if I’m gonna lose it one day, is it gonna be shown as 94 or above 113?
Furthermore, sync between an Android app and website. When i make for example my daily challenge on the phone, its not showing on the web. The same while doing on the website, it’s not shown on the phone. Because of that im always scared of losing it. Because maybe it haven;t saved? What if? It’s in my opinion an unnecessary confusion.
If u came across such a problem or u know how to fix it, please let me know! :hugs:

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I would like to add to this post (Apologies if this is considered hi-jacking, I’d happily edit/delete/move it)
with a similar bug, (Although with a much lower streak lol) except my streak should be 4 days but shows in the statistics page as 19. (Pictures attatched below)

Best of luck learning / Bonne chance apprentissage :smile:


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It seems that there is some sort of problem with the streaks and how they’re calculated.
There is a couple of threads here on the forum (see this search).

There’s (at least) one thread with Memrise staff participation, too:

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