Streak and Time Zone Issues

For the past few months I have had issues with the time zone on the web version of Memrise. Depending on the time of day the activities that I do will count towards the previous day rather than the day on which I do them. This problem is not consistent but it has been persistent for the past few months. I have checked to make sure I am in the right time zone, Canada/Eastern - Eastern Time, and that hasn’t changed at any point while I have practicing. This problem occurs regardless of which course I am doing. Because of this problem, maintaining a streak is not easy to do. That brings me to another problem which is related to this one. The activities that I do aren’t always calculated correctly in my learning stats. Once again, this issue does not happen every time I practice but does happen often enough to be problematic.

My device is a System 76 Lemur Pro and I am using the latest version Google Chrome.
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