Stop informing me about " We’re moving

Could you please stop informing me about " We’re moving all community-created courses over to to make things a little clearer around here."?

I clicked it away dozens of times and it’s still there every time I log in.

The user can turn notifications by email on or off at the bottom of a thread. See image.

The button has four options.

  • In the image it’s set to normal - which means that you get only notification if you are specifically mentioned in the post or people reply specifically to you.
    Other options:
    Watching (always notifications), Tracking (only notifications if you are mentioned or replied to + show of tracking number), and Muted (never any notification at all).
    What is the setting of the topic you wanted to un-subscribe from? Screen shot might help.

I’m talking about the notification on memrise main page after I log in, not about anything related to this forum.

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Yes, it has been there a long time now and I click away that announcement a dozen times every day. Plus the cookie consent and the sales advertisement. But that’s the price of using private browsing.

This is clearly a bug, since memrise can know I clicked it away… as always, I have to come up with my own solution: I removed it with my “Memrise Eye-burning Design Fix” theme.

P.S. I don’t see the sales advertisement, I guess Adblock Plus extension removes it. Cookie consent also never pops up since I have “I don’t care about cookies” extension installed.

Thanks. I see now which notification you mean. Well, that’s clearly a piece of feedback. Moving to feedback…

Probably you have deactivated cookies in your browser. Or your browser erase automatically all historic and cookies when you close it.

The information of you clicking this announcement is stored locally in your browser. If you erase cookies and historic MemRise website won’t know if you have seen this peace of information.

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Of course I delete cookies automatically when I close the browser, everybody should :slight_smile: Cookies are not here for storing permanent data, and this should be stored in a database.


If you know about cookies, why are you blaming Memrise for this? Our dear dudes have superpowers in creating trouble, but this is a problem of your own concoction.

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It is a good practice to delete cookies, but it also deletes the I-have-already-seen-this-message.-please-don’t display-again.-thanks info.
Is there actually a good other way for webmasters to know that message has already been seen by a certain user other than by using cookies?
Anyway, you see how you can solve it: delete all cookies, except this Memrise cookie.

I think deleting cookies is a good practice, because of a widespread misuse. Also, using cookies to know when to display or not to display a certain message, is also a good practice. That those two good practices obviously conflict with each other is the real problem. And for that problem, are not many very easy solutions. Perhaps a plugin or so but that is slightly cumbersome.

In my view, different browsers with customized cookies settings or even different devices could solve this problem.

Since I’m already logged in, Memrise can save that piece of information into its database so it can know permanently that I’ve already dismissed that notification.

Anyway, I solved it myself using userstyles theme mentioned above.

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