Stay loud about your dislike of Decks

So far it’s been a couple of days since we received the terrible announcement that Memrise intends to remove our commmunity created decks from the app, which effectively will remove our ability to have offline access to study the decks we worked so long to create. However, we need to continue putting the pressure on Memrise to reverse this decision or develop a dedicated app that will allow offline access. If you are wondering what you can do, I suggest the following

  1. Unsubscribe from Memrise—If they plan to commit to this horrible idea, they don’t deserve your money.

  2. Be vocal on the message boards. Interact with people who are equally as disatisfied. The most discussed topic should be criticizing Memrise’s decision.

  3. Utilize social media—Memrise is active on Twitter. Flood them with your disapproval about their decision and let them know how you feel. I also suggest using the hashtag #Memrexit

  4. Leave negative reviews on the App Store and Google Play Store

We have to keep up the fight! Don’t lose hope!




#Memrexit is here…