Statistics doesn't work

I’ve created several courses for my students and created a group to monitor them. It was very convenient for me to check their progress, but with a new design the statistics tool stopped working. What’s the reason?


This is the second recent report of this issue. Is it a bug? Here is a link to the earlier report:

I have moved this to the “Decks Bugs” area.

Yes, I have the same problem. I see only the first page, and can’t move to other pages.

Hi @3da1f5a10acf13f85a37 and @alanh,

The problem is in the new footer design. I’ve already created a topic (see here) and asked the Memrise developers to check the question. In the meantime, you can access the next page by clicking on the top of the page number. For example, for page 2, slowly mouse over the top of the number 2 until the “hand” appears and you can click.

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This should now work!