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One thing that bothers me quite much is the fact that once a week, I’ll have next to no words to review; that is, there should actually be quite a few on the review list! Consequently, I’ll have a large number to review on the following day (sometimes later on the same day) Can anybody confirm this behaviour?
It does seem like a bug to me. This applies to both the web version and the Android app, so I presume this is “in the guts” of the software rather than related to the app as opposed to the web.

Also, when I have finished a repetition session, I often have to go through the repetitions several times to get the count to zero. For instance, I have my review set to 50, there is i. e. 40 to be reviewed. I’ll review these, then Memrise tells me that there’s 5 to review (I do those), then 4, then 1, then 1.
No I suppose a reason could be that this happens because I learned new words the day before and the system tracks them down to the second that they were “planted”. If that’s the case, I suppose it would make sense to rather update the timestamps of all words when the respective session was ended.

this issue, and others, appears after one gathered a respectable number of items learned, it is a database issue, appears in long courses… the database for “decks” is huge, millions of uses learned millions of items over a number of years…imagine a huge yearn ball spining…:rofl:

the “bug” takes different forms… i had these constantly since i went over 30,000 items… for ex, this morning i had as waiting for watering more than 100 items that i reviewed last week and never had a mistake - and learned the items 3-4 years ago, so by no means should they have come up again for review…

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Sounds reasonable. However, “big data” doesn’t necessarily lead to problems, given the database is solid and the queries are functional. :slight_smile: