Split an existing list into levels

hi everyone,
I’m trying to split an existing list into levels so here is what I did :
Edit Course

  • Add Level

and then I’m lost.

I changed the number of words per level to 50 (it’s 15 on the screenshot) but then nothing happens. where should I click next ?
I can’t see anything besides Add Column and Add Bulk.

thanks for you help !

Check out this thread:

thanks ! I did read this thread.

a. click ‘Edit Course’.
b. Click ‘Database’ and choose the right database.
c. At the right side, next to search, Add Column, and Bulk Add is a ‘Create Levels’ button. You can set the size to any value. I’d like something between 30 and 60.

the problem is :
there’s no database available on the Edit Course page. so I added a level. from there, I reached the database. but then, as seen on picture, there is no Create Levels button next to Add Column and Add Bulk. oddly enough, I can set the size of the levels. but I can’t create them…
weird !

@possopo: I can have a look if you want. You’d have to add me as a contributor to your course and best post a link to it here.

thank you so much. I added you as a contributor to my list.
here is the link to my course :

I just took a look. You already have two levels in the course, the first one holding all of your words, the second being empty. You also have two databases which is something I have never done; I don’t see a way to actually remove a database. However, what you can do is to at least remove the empty level.
I suppose that, once levels have been defined, you cannot use the automatism to have levels created automatically. My guess would be that you can always delete all levels without loosing their words. However, that’s just an assumption so I would go ahead and create a test-course in which to create a few words, then create a level for that and then delete the level. This way you can make sure that this assumption is right.

Sorry, don’t have any other hints for you presently!

unfortunately, I already tried with one database and one level only and the result was the same. then I added a new database and a new level, both empty, to see how it goes. no difference :confused:
thanks anyway.

I’ve just tried in my own test course. Deleting a non-empty level will result in its words being lost, so don’t do that. FWIW, when there is only one level remaining (which, in your case, holds all the words), this level is removed as well, but its words remain.
Oh, and for the record: there is a “Remove Database” button, it’s located at the very bottom of the page if you load a database.

I’m actually quite astonished by the outcome of my experiments. After having removed the 2nd level, both it and the “real” one were removed. Also, the Databases button was removed along the way.
Now this posting contains instructions on how to automatically get words split into levels and I’m sure I have seen a “Create Levels” button in the past, but it seems to no longer be there.

Doing some further research I just found out that the button actually IS there. However, the website’s CSS seems to be erroneous as the button is simply off screen.
@MemriseMatty, @MemriseSupport, @kevin5284: can you please see into this?
Here’s a screenshot taken from Firefox:

The button is in the HTML though:

This also applies to Chrome, so it isn’t just Firefox.

@possopo: since we now know what the problem really is you can remove me as a contributor any time.

Et bonne chance avec ton cours, il semble très intéressant ! Malheureusement, la direction est fausse pour moi. :slightly_smiling_face:

merci !
so the only thing I can do now is wait for Memrise to correct the bug ?

Basically yes. If you’re familiar with your browser’s debug-mode you can scroll the button into view and click it. And of course I could do that for you too.
However, I just did that on another test course. I created a new course, added 12 words to it and then wanted to split them into groups of five words. When I did, the system told me that it would do 7/level though, so I ended up with a level of 7 and one with 5. I then redid the whole thing and created 15 words. This time, everything was split correctly into 5/level. Notable: I was left with one level that contained all my 15 words, one empty one and another three with the words distributed.

So, clicking the button obviously isn’t too hard, but I’d be a bit wary to do this on a course like yours, with some 1000 words in the DB. You have no audio in your course so you could perform a backup of everything and (bulk-) re-upload everything which means the loss would be just a bit of time.
Just let me know, should you want me to click for you (along with the count of words per level). :upside_down_face:

before we do that, it might indeed be a good idea to save the words. do you know how I can retrieve the words in whatever format ?

additional question (that has basically nothing to do with levels) : do you know exactly what the Auto-Learning option is ? I was thinking it would let me escape from the tedious process of having to repeat new words 6 times before they’re planted. I tried it, clicked on new words and no, I still have to repeat. so I have no idea what this Auto-Learning option actually does.

There’s several ways of doing this. The easiest for you (as you have no audio) is to use the “Memrise Utilities”, see this posting. I have just downloaded your complete word list so I could also just PM it to you (as tab-delimited CSV which is what the utility gives you or as a Excel XSLX file into which I converted it).

The auto-learn script is not provided my Memrise itself, it’s a script that extends the Memrise web application (it does not work in the apps!). You can find out more about it here. And yes, it saves you from having to go through 6 repetitions to flag a word as “learned”.

Ah, rethinking the Auto-Learning option: we were actually talking cross topics there. I was referring to what learners may use to not have to go through the 6 reps. What you were referring to however is the option that you - as a course creator - can opt to not have to learn the words at all. I haven’t ever tried that, so I don’t know how or whether or not this works, I just recall having come across this. Two different things!

if you can PM ( I didn’t even you could attach files to PM’s on this forum) me the list in both formats, that would be great, thanks so much ! then we can proceed into splitting the list.

and no, what I was saying is I wanted to male one rep instead of six (ut when you come to think of it, one rep or no reps is basically the same because words need to be reviewed). I added the script and I’ll see how it works.

I thought so, but obviously, you can only attach images to PMs sent via the forum. That said, you can PM me your email address and I’ll send it over to you. If you wish to keep your anonymity I can also upload it to like my Dropbox so you can download it. Either way’s fine with me, just LMK.

Ah, well that won’t work. Users working on community courses will always have to go through those 6 reps in order to learn a word. Not unless they install the Auto-Learn script themselves, that is.

Actually that’s what I just did as I’ll be leaving the office shortly. I’ll PM you the link.

^ This is also good for making the course slightly easier too. A wonderful guy yesterday clued me into maybe my conlang might be slightly harder than Japanese or French, so I may need to look over it to see what I can do.

I just tried a few days ago to delete a (test) level - obviously the words disappeared (i.e. they weren’t in any level anymore). Of course, unless they were in another level.

However, all the words remained in the database - it’s possible to re-add them to any existing and new level. I believe that is how it is supposed to work.

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hi everyone,
I’m back with the same problem ie I want to split a list into levels of 50 words each. Olaf.Rabbachin kindly helped me the first time but I’d like to be able to do it myself this time. apparently, I just have to go into the debug mode and click on the button create levels that doesn’t appear in the normal mode. can someone tell me how to go debug and how to click on the button create levels there ?

thank you very much !