Spelling Not Auto Advancing with correct answer (auto submit

Everything was working fine this morning. Now, it will not auto advance when I type in the correct answer (I’m using Korean 1 by Memrise course)

I have to either click ‘submit’ button or hit space backspace and then it will auto-submit. This is annoying beyond anything. What happened? Anyone else having this issue?

Hi there, sorry to hear you’re having trouble, we’re struggling to reproduce this, could you provide us with a bit more information please?

  • what browser and operating system are you on
  • are you using the ‘hint’ functionality when this happens?
  • are you typing letters, using an IME or using the letters on the test screen?

Windows 10 w Firefox.

Everything has been fine for the 5 months I’ve been using until just yesterday. I use the mouse to click the tiles and spell out the word. Prior to yesterday, if I spelled the correct word/phrase it would auto-advance. Didn’t click the hint button or use the keyboard.

I have to deal with the same problem since yesterday.

MacBook Air (M1, 2020) - macOS Monterey - Safari Version 15.6 (17613.

Courses which are affected: Japanisch 1, Japanisch 1 (römisches Alphabet)

Courses which are not affected: Italienisch 2, 100 Common Italian Verbs with Audio

I am going to update the lists.

Thank you, we should have a fix out in the next few hours for this

Hi @user43 and @Astaroph We’ve deployed a change and it’s working again for me now, could you please check on your end?

The issue is fixed on my end. Great job. Thanks!

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Problem is apparently fixed. Can you explain what happened to cause it?

I did end up emptying my browser cache as I thought that maybe that could be the problem.

Hi, glad to hear it’s fixed for both of you, thank you again for your reports
I won’t bore you with the precise details of the cause, but it was a side effect of some work we were doing to make the lessons work better for those with accessibility issues.