Spelling mistake

This word in Arabic 3 (Talking about my people) is spelt incorrectly.
It should be spelt “درجة علمية”.

Please contact any linguists.


maybe try talking to the creator? unless it’s memrise :smile:

Hi @Mahirislam!

If it is Memrise official Arabic course then you can contact Angela in the Arabic Course Forum thread. Try typing “Arabic” in search area. There is one thread for all the 7 courses

Here’s the official Arabic Memrise course:

My personal answer: even درجة علمية sounds incorrect. As درجة is used in Arabic only for “degree” of temperature or angle.
I’d say شهادة علمية is the best substitution.

@Mahirislam, @RyouBakura and @ApolloNexus please check the official forum thread there is an answer for this specific entry there


Hey @Mahirislam!

We have changed it to a more appropriate word: “شهادة علمية” :sunglasses:

Thanks for posting!

Arabic Specialist at Memrise

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