Spelling mistake in Duolingo Polish course

I highly appreciate the Duolingo vocabulary course. Thank you to whoever created it. Here’s one small mistake I discovered in level 23:

across should only be spelt with one c
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The course author has a forum account, so I’ll tag her/him here.
@schmidzy, can you take a look, please?

Thanks for the heads-up! It should be fixed now.


@schmidzy …big thanks from me as well, schmidzy, the course is super useful! and there are practically no spelling mistakes, great work!
i am not entirely sure, but in level 43 “education” i think it should be “ulubiony”
instead of “ulobiony” (u instead of o) at least it’s like that on duolingo, pons.eu, and pl.wiktionary.org.
thanks again!

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as a native polish speaker, yes it is “ulubiony”

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