Speedreview time doesn't get added to daily total?

  • Description of the issue: The time I spend on doing speed-review doesn’t get added to my total study time, no matter how long I practice.

  • PC, Windows 10, Chrome


  1. Check learning time of the day
  2. Do a session of speed review
  3. Check learning time again

Result: no time has been added to the total count of minutes spent learning.

Hey schnabrina,

Thanks for reporting this!

Could you possibly let us know if you’re using the new beta version of Speed Review so we can track this down for you? You can tell by looking at your user settings (https://app.memrise.com/settings/) or, probably easier, just let us know if the screen you’re seeing is this one:


James on the web team


Hey James, thanks for the crazy quick reply! Sorry for not mentioning it before, but I’m indeed using the beta version.