Speedreview is too fast

Decrypting the Thai word at the speed required for the so call speed review is too fast, absolutely unconfortable and turning the learning 'a pain in the ass", the contrary than a game. The student must be able to define his speed and it is HIS responsability. This speed could be define by an algorithme may be but for now it looks as it has been defined by a programmer when he was taking his last 100th caffée friday night.
How can I have access to the duration of the “speedreview” ?

You can’t influence the length of the timer. However, you can now turn it on and off.
Just go to your settings and set the Lesson timer to on/off.
Note that this setting only exists in the web-version, it’s not there (yet) in the apps.

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Of course I have disable the lesson timer but it doesnot supress the timer into the Speed Review.
Neither allow to tune it… So disappointing. I loose part of the App just because you make it rigid and ask the customer to fit into the mold you have created. This should be a personal tool.

As said, this setting is for the web only, not the apps. And please also note that I’m not a Memrise employee, just a fellow user trying to help …

Oops, sorry - I just realized that you’re talking about the speed review, not the timer within review sessions on the web!

So … forgive me, but there is no setting for the Speed Review’s speed whatsoever, just dump all that I wrote further up.

Yes I must first of all thank you 100% for your support.

I wish that Memrise would make a more configurable application on this aspect: the transitions.

Speed Review - it would be simple to let the user define the duration of the timer.

Difficult Word - when you succeed, the tool skip immediately to the next word but I would prefer there to have a button, to let me time to review and memorise the orthography because this writting feature is based on the phonetic transcryption and not on a perfectly sedimented knowledge, in my case. May be an option “delay of X sec. before automatic transitions”, X being configurable.

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