Speed reviews only lets you review 10 words

Speed review should be unlimited so we can try to beat the amount of words we got right the last review. It would help motivate the learning process my making it more competitive. There should be no limit. Speed review is pointless now with a low maximum amount of words. Wish I hadn’t updated this. But still 100 word max wasn’t enough either. Make it unlimited👌

i have old courses with 800 or 1500 or more items to review. Speed review now blocks itself arbitrarily, frozen on some item, whenever it feels like. This applies to the web version.

As it was, speed review was just fine.

this issue is put under “android”; it did not post it in the web section, as some “young leaders” or whatever seem keen to patronize users around as “this topic exists already”, wuthout any other meaningful contribution.

in case this is not a bug, means, this change is REALLY BAD!!! 100 words is much more effective to learn.
BTW, I cannot change the setting. Once I increase the number of words, it always returns to the default values (5 and 10). This looks like definetly bug.

Hey sorry it took us a little longer but we have now added a setting for you to configure speed review items up to 150. You should be able to download it from Google Play in the next hours/days.


What about repetition algorithm? Will you change it too?

The setting is only for Speed Review so you will be able to have different lengths for reviewing session & speed review sessions.

we did not touch the algorithms and hence we haven’t now. the behaviour should be the same.



Are you sure that algorithm is the same? Since a couple of months speed reviews affects classic reviews. It means if you are doing speed reviews, you see items in classic reviews with less frequency. It was not a case earlier.

OK, I’ve installed latest update, but there’s no 100 words option (10, 25, 50, 150). Why?

Another update today, still no 100 words option in speed review, though I guess it takes about 2 minutes to add this option. Why it is such a problem for you to bring it back?

Hey @Hombre_sin_nombre we wont be adding 100. We consider 50 and 150 are currently the most suitable options for our users. The reasoning behind the change in the first place was to provide an improved way to learn by giving you less practice and more review.

We heard the feedback users still wanted to practice and we gave you a range of options, considering our user’s most regular patterns.

Thank you and apologies if this is something that highly inconvenience you.


This explanation does not stand to reason given the fact that 1) 100 words option was there all the time and people are accustomed to it 2) we have 10 and 25 words options now, which nobody asked for 3) it won’t take much of your resources to add one more option.

Some time ago you were saying that it’s impossible to develop Memrise without Decks, but where it is now? Just like now you are saying that 50 and 150 words are the most suitable options. Another butchered feature without any reason behind your decision.

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If you guys want to have 100 words speed review back, you’d better say something. Memrise team won’t move a finger unless there’s a big turmoil.

I would rather have a variated number of reviews, from 1 to 100. Even if I think 100 is overkill, I could not stand such a review :-).

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I pretty much feel the same. It’s quite hard to understand as to why they removed the 100 (which has been there for ages!) and replace it with 10, 25, 50 and 150, refusing to offer 100, ore even increments of 25. It can’t be more than a few friggin’ options in the dropdown! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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We have this variation now (10, 25, 50 and 150 words), but in my view it does not have a lot of sense without 100. The idea behind speed review is to go over a big heap of items in a short period of time. How effective this method is a question for a whole different topic, but 100 words is somewhat an ideal number for such review: there’s a challenge to finish the session, it’s not too short and not very long.

10 and 25 words is too short, mostly there’s no challenge to go through the list.
50 words is a better option, but still it’s quite easy, challenge is medium.
150 words is too long, with audio it takes about 10-12 minutes. It becomes boring.

There’s just no logic in jumping from 50 to 150 and eliminate an option which was there all the time.

Seems like web users still have 100 words option, despite what you’ve said before.
What about bring it back to Android? Is there any reason about not to have it in the app?

Why did the iOS version accommodated the Speed Review quite some time ago but presently it is still unavailable to iPhone users? Will Memrise eventually make it available again, does anyone have more information about this?