Speed reviews only lets you review 10 words

This bug has only appeared in the last few days, so it’s new. I tried to log via the app - but couldn’t - see my other post about logging bugs on Android.

I found this bug in both level 1 and level 2 Korean, although I expect it’s not just affecting Korean.

When completing a speed review, after 10 words, I get a message to tell me to learn more words to get a higher score. Even though I have learnt a lot more than 10 words.

Ensure you have more than 10 words learnt
Run a speed review with correct answers
At 10 words reviewed you will get message and session ends, even though you have more words learnt.

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I have the exact same problem, although with a different language: Italian level 1 and level 2.

Any ideas how to fix that new bug which appeared out of nowhere would be greatly appreciated.

I am running Android 8.1.0

I started having the same issue this morning. I am using spanish lessons. I switched to Chinese lessons and did not have the problem there. I tried uninstalling the app and restarted my android. Then I reinstalled the app. That time it let me get 18 words and did the same thing.

Are you guys sure you didn’t just start a Speed Review session after entering a level? If you do that, you’ll only be tested on the word within the selected level. This would also explain the changing count of words.

I am sure that is not the problem.

Are you guys sure you didn’t just start a Speed Review session after entering a level?

I have already completely finished Italian level 1 and level 2, so that does not seem to be the problem (which I still have)

@MemriseSupport, @JBorrego: could you guys see into this, please?

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Hi all,

Apologies for any confusion. We can confirm that this is not a bug.

We’ve introduced this change with a recent update. You can increase the number of the words in Speed Review sessions by visiting your Settings > Learning settings > Words per reviewing session. This will only affect your session when you have no items ready to be reviewed.

Please also note that we’re still monitoring this and gathering data. We appreciate you taking the time to send us your comments - we will take your feedback into consideration for future updates.

I hope this clears any confusion.

Best wishes,
Memrise team.


Please also note: if you set your Words per reviewing session to 5 or 10 on Android, you may see a message at the end of Speed Review sessions that prompts you to learn new words (even if you’ve already learnt more than 5 or 10). We are aware of this issue and are working to have this fixed.

If you experience this, you can increase your Words per reviewing session to 25 or 50 to fix it.

Best wishes,
Memrise team.


You say this is not a bug…but I feel it is a design bug. You can increase the word limit to 50 but this affects the normal review sessions as well as the speed review. Also it used to be 100 words and this is not available in the settings drop-down. It seems that if you wish this to be a user configurable option then you need to have two settings not one. I would feel that one setting affecting both the review and the speed review is a very undesirable behaviour. As a user, I really don’t like it.


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I’ve tested this earlier today. On Android, the Speed Review went through 100 words even though my setting shows 50 words. Does this require logging off/on or changing the setting a few times?

I am sure that is not the problem.

Yeah, I really liked it when it had no limit. It was like a mini game to see how many i could do. Would really like to see it changed back.

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Can you guys at least put the 100 word limit back in? With 50 words we can’t even get through a chapter’s word list fully when it exceeds 50 words during speed review. This defeats the purpose of being able to review a whole chapter quickly. Please!!!

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I agree with you, but unfortunately, unless many more users will complain, they will not give a flying duck about it.

hahaha, food one! :rofl:

As some of you are aware we have updated the Speed Review mode and it may feel a little different.

So, what’s the change? We found that the way that Speed Review was set up, we were filling it with all the words that were ready for you to review plus a whole load of other words that did not need to be reviewed to “top up” the session. This change removed those extra words so the Speed Review session just has the items you need to review. This should still be maxing out at 100 items if you have 100+ items ready for review. If, however, you have completed all your review items, then we have limited the session to your review settings limit. We want to make sure that when you are learning on Memrise you spend all your time as effectively as possible.

We know that speed review has been around in its current form for a while, but we are constantly looking to improve the effectiveness of the learning experience and we think that this is a positive change.

We are though listening to your feedback and we will be adding a 100 words review option for the users that want longer sessions.



@MemriseSupport stated that the SR sessions would comprise the number of words as chosen in the user settings, here’s the quote from earlier in this thread:

So shouldn’t SR - if there is no words up for review - give you the number of words according to the settings? Or did you change plans?

I’m afraid it was another unnecessary change, because speed review was working just fine. Thank you for leaving 100 words option though.

Besides, it looks like you’ve changed repetition algorithms, do you? If I’m not mistaken, speed review now affects frequency of review sessions.

Hey Olaf,

that is correct. It respects the settings and that is why we will be soon adding another setting for 100 words so that users that want to go for it, have the option to do it.