Speed review "words just reviewed" not showing no click answers, and incorrect answers showing as watered

The speed review logic has changed for the worst. After I lose all my lives I notice two things on the words just reviewed.

  1. Words that I did not submit an answer to don’t appear on the list. Frustrating as I like to review what the correct was. When I don’t know an answer I prefer to not press anything rather than make a guess. If I get the answer right from a guess it feels like cheating for that review.
  2. Words that I submit the wrong answer to now show as watered, although they’re marked as a difficult word I think. It used to be that the word showed on the “words just reviewed” list but as unwatered. Therefore they would remain in the list of words to review and would pop back in a review session again. I’m wondering with the current set up if I keep getting the same answer wrong is it marked as watered each time so ends up coming up less and less frequently?

These words also aren’t counted as words to still review after the session. How it used to work for example, i have 30 words to review. In the session i get 7 right and 3 wrong. After the review it says i have only 20 words left to review rather than 23, seems wrong.

Android version 2
Version 2.94 _25045

Hi @tairisi,

Thanks for bringing these issues to our attention. Having discussed with the Android team, it doesn’t seem as though these changes were intentional. Therefore, we have raised bug reports for the 3 issues you have raised. Any product changes we do make we’ll endeavour to add to our Release Notes.

Please keep an eye out in your app store for updates and thank you for your patience!
Memrise team