Speed Review. What have you done!

Why did you dramatically change speed review today to make it such a horrific experience! if I am trying to think fast, I don’t want to see such garish graphics.

If you are seeing a different version of Speed Review is because you selected Memrise Labs in your Memrise settings to see some of the new and exciting features we are working on. If that is not the case, please do let us know.

While we appreciate your feedback, it would be better if you could move it to the thread where the rationale and the feature is described within Memrise Labs: Launching: Speed Review and Memrise Labs Toggle

There, the team that is working on this and other features will be able to take your feedback better.


I think you have answered my question, I have turned off memrise labs. If the is the future, then I am only going to be afraid over the next few years.

Hi @Peterwynd I would advise that instead of doing that, perhaps you give constructive feedback to the team that is working on it so that you can help change the product.

I havent taken any action even though you were using some language that we don’t really appreciate here and we are literally giving you the chance to participate and make it better if you don’t like it.

Please be respectful to us as much as we are to you.


Please provide constructive feedback about the issues so the Memrise team has the proper information.

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