Speed Review unusable in Beta. :(

I used to use Speed Review all the time, but now it has this huge bar on the top which is so distracting I don’t have enough time to read the words. Am I the only one? It was so bad I had to go back to the old site.

Hi @kagkoffee, sorry to hear this. Do you have any screenshots of this issue and details on the browser/device you are using please?


Thank you for your response. I am using FireFox. I attempted to respond attaching two screenshots, but I received an email saying I needed to post pictures on the thread, so I tried here and I can’t as a new user. (I have used Memrise for years, but first time posting here). In any case, I think this is a design issue as opposed to a bug. On the old site there was this small flower on the right, so I “could” look at it if I wanted to, but if I wanted to just stay focused on the word it was no problem at all. By contrast, with the Beta version there is this huge red bar which is above the word, so my attention is now divided between the word and the time limit. Further, since the bar is so large and above the word, I actually see the bar before I see the word. With the old site I always “barely” had enough time to do speed review, so being distracted for a fraction of a second with the bar has now made the time limit in a sense shorter. Thank you for your response.