Speed Review Test Direction

I realized today that Speed Review only tests in one direction; in my case English to Chinese. That is, every test question is an English word, and every answer is a Chinese answer. This, to me, is becoming too easy. I would like to see Speed Review test in both directions to hopefully introduce a little uncertainty in answers.

Hi @addohm,

Some Creators prefer it one way and the course may not work as well in reverse.

However, are you the Creator or a Contributor?

Either the Creator or a Contributor can duplicate a level then reverse the testing - that will solve that issue.

Most of the courses I support (not Chinese) have these “Reversed” levels which while learning act as a revision at a future date. And you may prefer that way of being tested.

I am the creator. I have thought to do that but I didn’t want all the words/phrases being taught twice. If some people want it and others don’t, it seems like an option for it has merit to be brought to the table.

As a Creator (or Contributor) you can “Auto Learn” (available from the drop-down menu).
Then you can test yourself in the desired direction without learning twice.

ALSO any new learner can choose which level (original of reversed) to learn and ignore the other.

With image courses the two options are:

  • to be shown one word and four mages OR
  • to be shown one image and a choice or eight words

Can you post a screenshot? I cannot, for the life of me, find this …

That’s something I haven’t ever seen either - I know you can ignore a word/phrase (i. e. a single item), but an entire level?

Edit: OK, I’ve found it (web): selecting a level and then clicking the Ignore button on top sports all and none links which I’ve simply overlooked until now. :slight_smile:
This option is available for “regular users”.
Same goes for auto-learn which hides behind the Options button, but only for course creators/contributors.

Forget about my questions! :smiley:

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I do appreciate your band-aid suggestions. It would pe perfectly fine if I was the only one using the decks I’ve created, but I’m not. It’s not feasible to ask students to relearn words they’ve already mastered a second time.

My earlier suggestion still stands: please give us a tick box for testing in both directions.

You might like to read a fuller descriptions of why I use “Reversed” levels here:

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