Speed Review (sometimes) one word too much/extra after a wrong answer

Sometimes the summary of the Speed Review shows words in the summary that were NOT tested. It’s always after a wrong answer. But it doesn’t happen always. If the result is that some words are not tested, but still marked as reviewed, then it impacts the learning experience.

Additional Symptom: When doing the Speed Review, it sometimes possible to notice that after a wrong answer (still during test), the screen quickly refreshes twice after a wrong answer, as if the question immediately had been answered correctly (but it wasn’t in fact answered). In all these cases, after the wrong answer, an extra (not tested) word shows up in the summary.

It’s on Android, with Memrise App downloaded about a week ago. I had it also with the version downloaded last summer (if I reported this before, sorry, but I couldn’t find it).

I was able to reproduce this bug.

  1. Start a Speed Review session (on Android).
  2. Have the ‘counter’ running to maximum, until you run out of time.
  3. Press the right answer a fraction after the counter expires, but before it goes to the next page (you might need to try a few times). You might see in a flash that when it flips next (from left to right), that it actually flips twice.
  4. Finish the Speed Review as normal. In the results you will see one word behind the word where the time expired in step 2, that you haven’t seen.

Other info:
User John_Baite
Samsung Note3 with Android v4.4.2
Memrise version Dec 6. 2017 (the one on Play Store)
Noticed it the first time somewhere August 2017, but wasn’t sure that time.
Frequency: Happens always if just too late with the right answer.

Note: I came across this error when I ran out of time before giving the right answer. I just remembered the answer at the last moment, but wasn’t fast enough, hence pressed the right answer just after the timer ran out.
@BeaTrisy: Though this bug as only some minimal impact on learning, it would be nice to know that the report has been accepted and is on the list of bugs to be fixed. Thank you!