Speed review score and lives limit exceeded [AQA new GCSE French (9-1)]

I don’t know if this applies for all devices but there is a way to get more points than you’re allowed to and double your lives. Im using an iMac so maybe it is only affecting iMac users. I tried this for both a community-created course and an official Memrise course and there is no difference.
For this to work: go into speed review for any course, end the round with any score, then choose a user from the leaderboard and click on their profile, press the button to go back to the previous page. After doing this, a new round will begin, but your previous score is there and your hearts are the same as they were.
As you gain points, your previous score will increase as expected, however your lives are stuck in place and even when you lose a heart the image stays put. After either winning or losing, the game stops and tells you to return to your dashboard or go to report a bug. That’s how I ended up here.
It isn’t really a bug that is disruptive to work but I thought that it was something that could maybe be fixed, if needed.
Merci d’avoir lu!

Hi @Lol-Im-so-bored, thanks for reporting this!

Can you please let us know if you’re using the new beta version of Speed Review? You can tell by looking at your user settings (https://app.memrise.com/settings/) or just let us know if the screen you’re seeing looks like this:

Can you also please confirm which browser you are using? Thanks!

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