Speed review reviews words I haven't learnt yet

(Amanda Norrsken) #1

Can anyone from the memrise team explain why a speed review gives me words that I haven’t yet officially learned?

I had been wondering whether this happened, but today I tested it more thoroughly by doing the following: I wiped my learning history, level by level, on the web version, so that only those levels that I had systematically gone through again (I am making improvements to the definitions, level by level) appeared as fully finished. For all of the remaining levels, the learning history was wiped.

Just now I did a speed “review” on my phone and, just as I expected, it gave me a whole bunch of words I haven’t officially learnt yet. It has immediately synced to the web, so all the levels where I had just wiped the learning history are now showing that I have “learnt” some words, whereas all I did was see them once in speed review.

Is this happening because I have actually learnt these words before? I have actually done all the levels of this course once, but then wiped the learning history of the entire course and restarted because I wanted to check the levels again systematically and make improvements.

It is kind of annoying that a “speed review” seems to count as having learnt a word, when the regular process for learning a new word first time round involves six (or more?) exposures to it.

I would love to know what is happening here.

Here is a screenshot of the levels now showing that I have learnt some of the words: