Speed Review Overview and Issues

I was going through the speed review of my Eduqas German on memrise. I was pleased to find the new presentation / layout of the set up of speed review and noticed these different features:

  1. Each word now gives you 150 points instead of 25 points
  2. Hearts will not renew unlike before when after 15 correct answers in a row you can get another heart

However, I realised that if a word did not have an audio file specified to it then it repeated the audio of the previous word with an audio file associated with it. I’m not sure if this is a bug or just an error in the coding of the alpha version as I have ticked that in my settings. I would be grateful if someone could fix this issue. Thank you.

Can someone please respond or help me?

Does having more replies make the topic more visible to more people?

Hi Hayden,

I’d recommend re-posting your request to the relevant Memrise Bug Control thread:

Also, you could paste in a link to the Eduqas German course that you’re working on, in case someone at Memrise wants to try to replicate the issue you’re seeing.

Good luck.