Speed Review not working on iOS?

I have an iPhone 6s and an iPad Air 2 and speed review is totally grayed-out for both, so I thought it was unavailable even though I am a Pro user.

Recently I tried Memrise on my laptop’s browser and an old Android phone and was surprised to see the existence of Speed Review on both.

Is this an iOS bug? Anything I can do about it?


I have the same issue.

Hi @marimorimo @OleksandrDyklevych2c

on iOS, Speed Review is only available on official Memrise courses, which becomes active once you learn at least 3 words in the course. For courses where the Speed review is not available, the icon will be greyed out. For courses where the mode is available, the icon is bright red.

On Android and Web, Speed Review would be accessible on community courses and official Memrise courses. This is due to the way Speed Review operates on each platform.

I hope this helps.


It would have been really useful to know this prior to me having just upgraded to Pro. Part of the reason I upgraded was so I’d have access to speed review on my iPad. I am learning Polish so there are no official courses.

Is there a technical reason why the iPad can’t support speed review? I would doubt it - in which case can we expect a fix for this? It rather feels like I’ve paid for something and I’m not getting everything I paid for. This would be okay for free membership but not for paid membership.

I don’t want to sound overly negative, I really like Memrise, but not providing a key element of the app on an extremely common platform doesn’t seem okay to me when users are paying money.



Thanks for the reply, MemriseMatt.

But I still find the lack of speedreview on iOS to be a major oversight. iOS is a major platform–why can’t memrise add a standard feature that’s present in all other devices? I use memrise on iOS devices 99% of the time so I am permanently locked out of features I paid for.

In addition, I never use the official courses as I am taking classes, and my level is intermediate to advanced.

Hopefully the devs find a way to fix this.


Also here:

sorry to be warning up this topic…

Memrise is a great platform, yet I do not really get why certain features are turned on or off depending on the platform…

I can understand that some modes do not make sense for certain courses, especially when it comes to the Speed Review, yet for some courses it is really essential from my point of view. For example, when learning numbers in different languages or special characters (like Japanese or Chinese) - this is great for review “under pressure” (i.e. time pressure) since in reality (especially when you are not yet a pro) you will be under pressure applying the skill in real life.

Personally, the deactivation is somewhat frustrating to me (also being a pro member) and wandering if I want to remain pro.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to let the user decide if Turbo (or Speed Review) makes sense for them?

Or to put it in brief words: Please activate Speed Review on iOS - This would be adding so much value for Memrise!



Memrise team reacts in a such tardy way to bug reports. My ipad has the same problem with speed review function. Please fix or at least reply your team is fixing.

In my opinion, Memrise should add an issue report on every single answer like Duolingo. Right now, there are a lot of bug, wrong answers but I dont know to to report for every case.

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Please fix Speed Review. It’s not so hard to code it. Especially as people pay for Pro membership to get it and it’s not available for courses that have it via the iOS Safari browser.


Hello, I bought Pro version, because I though that I need it for Speed Review. Then I founded, that it doesn’t work in standard courses. It was as cold shower. Please, fix it.

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I am as well using the “Turbo” mode, however its not working on my Ipad.
When we can expect the error to be fixed ?

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We have been asking for this fix for over a year now.

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I also just subscribed hoping to get speed reviews on community course.
In some regards I do not mind paying the subscription, because what you get for free from memrise is great, but it would have been nice to get access to the same features as android users :confused:

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Note that it’s not clear that the paid version will work at all on the Decks community courses soon…

I guess it’s time to pull out the old Galaxy S5 or get an Android. My company phone is an iBroke, IRetarded, IAmNotUserFriendly

Oh good luck, pick one of the five Android versions floating around in the world just now – the right one. Good luck.