Speed Review not watering words

I’m having an issue with speed review of courses. For some reason, only a tiny fraction of unwatered words are being successfully watered after a speed review. This occurs regardless of course/language.

Typically it seems about one third of actual reviewed words are being watered compared to what I’m doing in the review. I don’t have an issue watering words with Classic.

This is occurring on MacOS, Firefox

edit: here’s a screen recording if that helps: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

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Same for me, since a few days ago, the speed review doesn’t just give the words I need to review and I can’t use it to get my number down.
I’m probably not even going to use memrise anymore if that’s how it’s going to stay, and i’ve been using it almost daily for like 7 years. It’s the only way i have time to go through all my words.

Speed review does not seem to be working on the Website version of Memrise. It’s been a problem for me for the past couple of days. I’m using Firefox and Chrome. It works fine from the Android app though.

I have the same problem which i noticed today.

Hopefully this is fixed soon. I’ve had the same problem with my courses. It can be a little troublesome to go through 5 courses with 1000+ words with classic review so I use speed review usually.

Like the others reported speed review works just fine on Android. For now I’m just using that so it’s no big deal.

Hi all, I can confirm this has now been fixed!

Please let us know if you keep experiencing issues.

Confirming that this works on Google Chrome. Thank you!

Fix is fine for me as well, thanks