Speed review not loading Samsung tablet

No error message- official Memrise Russian levels 1-7 will not load speed review as noticed Sat.6/5/2021. Message of circles &“warming engines” does not load to see 3,2,1.
I Uninstalled, turned off, turned on and reinstalled version 5.31.21 at Google apps. NO improvement. But on my cell phone, speed review for official Memrise 5,6,7 works quickly as usual. Also, on Samsung tablet unofficial, community created Penquin Russian and Ultimate Authors both allow for speed review. So, something changed today between Official Memrise Russian speed reviews and my Samsung 8.5 Galaxy Tab E Android 7.1.1.
Hope you can figure this out.

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This issue has also been reported in this thread (the link leads to the first posting reporting the bug):


Oops, I see it was you posting that. :slight_smile:
I’ll leave the cross-link though in case others stumble over it …

Speed review is not loading for official level 7 Russian for English speakers on my tablet, but works on my phone

Same problem here: ever since the last update, Speed Review won’t start for any official Memrise course on Android tablets - the wait screen just stays there forever (probably not, but at least for 3 or so minutes which was the longest time I waited). Also, loading an SR session for community courses seems to sometimes take significantly more time.

On my cell phone, SR was working fine, but what I had to notice yet again was that fade out effect between two words which is very distracting. This doesn’t happen with community courses on my tablet so I suppose there now is some sort of size differentiation.

Lastly, when doing a SR session (with words up for review) on my cell and then switching back to my tablet, it was necessary to terminate Memrise on the tablet and reload it in order for the app to notice that I already worked through words up for review. Pulling down on the course overview / course list didn’t help.

@MemriseSupport: another nightmare update which made my weekend, kudos to whoever was responsible for that!

Hi all, sorry about this.

We’re aware of this issue with Android 7 and below, and we’ll have it fixed in the next release. Please keep your app updated!

In the meanwhile, please consider (1) updating your OS to a newer version of Android if possible, (2) use a different device to access Speed Review, e.g. the website or a device with iOS/Android 7+.

Thanks for your patience.

Best wishes,

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