Speed review is way too fast for long phrases


So this is not a bug in the sense that is something faulty in the Web page, but it’s a bug in the sense that it’s not working as it should, and this happens in the Android app as well.

The problem I am referring is that when the cards in speed review start to be too long( as it is in level 5 in the German course) when you get them right it starts with another card even before the sounds of the previous one is not finished. This doesn’t make any sense, first it should be a longer period depending on it is just a word or a phrase with a lot of words, but then at least when it’s a long one, either if I get it right or wrong, it should wait until the sound is finished to start with the next one… It is very annoying to still be earing the previous card and have to be already reading the new ones, it’s confusing!

Also, bonus point! would be very nice if I can just do a speed review for all the courses… So I am in level 5, would be nice if I could do a speed review with shuffle cards from the 5,4,3,2,1 courses… Instead, of having to go to each course to do the review for each one.

P.S- Sorry if this problem was already posted or talked about, I did a search but didn’t find anything.


I would like Speed Review to finish pronouncing the foreign words before starting to count time, in order to prevent jumping to the next question before letting the user hear the foreign words.

Also, the field for text should be bigger and/ or the font should be smaller, so that the user can actually read long phrases.

Cutting both written and oral review off = not reviewing!