Speed review is giving me the same words, in the same order, again and again

I accepted the early access invitation to try out the app’s new functions about a month ago. Before this, speed review was essential for me - I would do a daily speed review refresher for all my levels. But now, I just get the same words, in the exact order, again and again. Only the last 10 of the first 100 words on speed review will be words I’ve recently learned. The only way I can review recently learned words is to do several sessions of 100 words, and I don’t have the time. I want to be able to do a speed review daily (on top of lessons) with 100 random words from those I’ve learned.

Using the app on my iphone 13. App version is up to date. Have tried logging out and back in again. Nobody seems to be reporting this issue anywhere on line, but I can’t believe that it’s just me!

Hi @tedg12366 and welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

Due to the fact that I mainly work on Community Courses, I haven’t tried Early Access in a whole while.
If Speed Reviews aren’t available on Early Access (I don’t think they are), go back to “Classic Memrise”.

Read my posting here for instructions about how to switch between EA and CM.
I don’t know for certain, but the procedure should really be the same on iOS as on Android (which is what I’m using):