Speed Review (ios app vs website)

Hello! I’ve noticed that on the app, You need to be pro member to access it, but on the website, people don’t have to be pro members to access it. Why is this the case? (And I’ve noticed when i put the answer in there was a 1 second delay on the website)

I don’t know why they do this, I have noticed the same thing…

I really think that they should be consitant. There are different things that poeple can do on android app, ios app or website (Pro, planets, chats) that you cant do on another. It’s weird.

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I have Pro and I still can’t do Speed Review on iOS. Can’t imagine why not, but it’s disappointing.

They crippled the paid iOS app…

It only works on official courses on iOS.

But work on the Web app. Seems they wanted to cripple the iOS app to force people to use their official courses – that don’t cover all the languages anyway. As I said, it would take 1-2 programming days to fix this. If business reasons to cripple, it will never happen.

Companies that put business interests in front of customer interests do not have a bright future.

IOS seems to be death for language apps like Memrise like it is with DuoLingo and all their A/B testing health/gems stuff.

You can install anytime an older Android app version of Memrise and test, what works better with these older versions (e.g Speed review, showing your max. streak baget, etc.).

You could run your first Memrise Android app tests on an Android emulator, so you do not have to buy an Android smartphone.

It’s a garbage decision that they STILL haven’t added support for speed review on the iOS app for non-memrise courses.

As someone who’s coming up on the end of their annual pro membership, this seems like a good time to try some alternative language learning services.