Speed review increases the review day count

I am using the speed review of my german course, and I noticed that every time I get right a question the review time of that word increases (1h, 4d, 48d, 180d). at this moment words that I have learned 3 days ago now have a 180 days count to review it. That will bring me problems remembering the words

It happens on every browser even in the app, if a word had a 48 days to review it and in speed review you see it, it will have now 98 and 180 and so on.

Hi @MauricioMorenoMorale, the review system should work as detailed in this article: https://memrise.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015889057-How-does-the-spaced-repetition-system-work-, but it sounds as though it’s moving on faster than it should. Can you please confirm the name of the course you are studying? Is this happening on all courses?


Yes its happening on all courses, the problem is that words that i have learned yesterday now have a time to review of 180 days, and I dont know if that should be right.

Thanks for letting us know @MauricioMorenoMorale. We’ve filed a bug for this (internal code QA-972) and will update as and when we know more on the cause.