Speed Review has too many words

Can anyone tell me how to shorten the speed review tests with the web version of Memrise? I have it set to 10 words with the standalone app, but this hasn’t synced to my account on the web.

I too have set “Review” to 10 on the web but when I tried the “Speed Review” on the web, it seemed to go on for ever (if one kept getting the questions right) so I no longer use that function.

There didn’t seem to be a way of pausing or exiting, just ‘crashing’ the session.

I just go as fast as I feel comfortable on a classic (normal) review.

After all accuracy is more important than speed in most situations.

@MemriseSupport can you comment, please?

Speed review is 100 words. However, when you set it to 10 words, that will only apply for “review” not “speed review”.

Speed review also will cover any of the words learned in that level, so if that level has say 20 sections, in the speed review you can end up getting any of the words from any of the sections. The “review” button however, will only give words from that particular session you are learning.

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Hi all,

Unfortunately the “words per reviewing session” setting only applies to Classic Review, not Speed Review. Speed Review will currently prompt you with all of the items that are currently ready to be reviewed - you can stop these sessions at any time by clicking the X icon at the top.

Finally, please also note that at this time your learning settings on the app are not shared with the website. Please make sure you customise your learning settings on both platforms independently.

I hope this clears any confusion.



May I again point out that, upon cancelling a SR-session prematurely, you do not get the recap (overview of words reviewed during a session) - at least not on Android.

However, the recap is currently the only means to flag or un-flag difficult words (or ignore items) in official Memrise courses. It is also generally problematic to not get the recap after cancelling out, and it has been like that for as long as I can remember. Considering the importance with respect to learning, this should really be a top priority item on your list. :wink:

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