Speed changes?


Love this site. I’m reasonably ok with my Spanish but my husband is learning and is finding the allotted time to type etc difficult
Is there a function to either change the allowed time to answer or disable the timer?

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There is a user script to disable the timer on the web.

If you try the speed review on the web (which I do not suggest, as the speed review timer is off, the bar can not go to the top) and you have to type a question, the timer stops.

However you can not change the speed review timer by itself (for multiple choices) for the moment.

I advise you to use the Android app for speed reviews.
You can do so by installing Bluestacks (Android emulator).

Hi @TanyaStevens59,

An alternative to the userscript, if your husband is learning on the website version and only needs a bit more thinking time for some items, is to use the ‘pause’ button:

The iOS app version doesn’t have the timer but, personally, I prefer the web version.

Perfect. That’s just what he needed…neither of us saw that


It IMHO only makes sense to use the pausing function when you move away from the Memrise browser tabulator (switch to something else, watch a video in a 2nd browser tabulator, etc.).

Pausing will hide the current question (text) and you even have to click on continue (play) to resume the session.

If you have typed in 1/3 or 1/2 of the answer (e.g longer sentences), then your text is not visible anymore as the current screen is blended over with the play/resume button; of course your already typed text is NOT deleted after resuming the review / learning session (tested it).

I have to admit that I got somehow confused with the “normal timer” in normal typing or multiple-choice excercises, which you can completely turn off, and the “speed review” and it’s special timer bar because of the topic.

Summary: Install the “Memrise timer disabler” user script, so not use the pause function, be able to read the question text and your typed answer parts.

Yes, agreed, but I did say …“if he only needs a bit more thinking time for some items…”.

For absolute clarity, I should perhaps have added. “…before typing his answer.”.

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Oh wow, I had no idea there were userscripts! Thank you :slight_smile: