Spanish (Spain) 2 - UK English translations

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I am a relative beginner, and have just started Spanish 2.

I notice that some of the translations are aimed at US English speakers, rather then UK.
The ones I am having a particular problem with are the floors (as in a building).
So, for example, “la planta baja” is translated as “the first floor” - in UK English usage, this would be “the ground floor”. Similarly for the other floors.
Is there any way to switch to a UK English version of the courses ?

Thanks, Frank

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(Amanda Norrsken) #2

When you chose the courses, was there a drop-down menu like on the web, where you can choose which kind of English you speak?

Like this?

If you use this option, hopefully you would get the British English version.

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Which level is this in, please?

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Thank You !

I didn’t know about that option.
The 1st floor has now returned to ground-level.

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Exactly where it should be, eh??? :wink:

(from a fellow Brit :rofl::rofl::rofl:)

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Well - I’m actually Irish - but we speak (approximately !) the same version of English ! :ireland:

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(Amanda Norrsken) #7

We’re both from the British Isles :smiley:

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Over here, that’s equivalent to calling The Falklands : Las Malvinas :upside_down_face:

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(Amanda Norrsken) #9

Woops! No offence intended there!

I am British by birth, but I would much rather be Irish, actually, no fan of my home country and its history :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

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No of course not, we tend to use the (awful) euphemism “these islands” .

It does illustrate the issues of minor differences between translations or usages. All are geographically correct terms - but can have very different connotations - depending on the attitude of the listener.

Thanks for the help with my original query. I’ve now restarted the other version of the course using proper UK English.

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(Amanda Norrsken) #11

You’re very welcome! Have fun with the courses and hasta la vista!