Spanish Pronunciation

Anyone else have issues with the pronunciation lessons for Spanish/LATAM? Basic pronunciations are marked incorrect when I feel they should be marked as correct. Then I had a native speaker try a bunch in Spanish level 6 and 90% of the responses were marked as incorrect.

It would also be good to be able to get more details as to why a response was marked as incorrect.


Is it possible for someone from Memrise support to weigh in? Thanks.

I’d suggest you look for a course thread and re-post there. If there is one, you should be able to find by searching (click the magnifying glass on the top right) for "[course forum] " plus the title of your course.
FWIW, I recall having seen at least one other recent thread where someone was complaining about speech recognition (related to Portuguese, if I’m not mistaken).

Maybe it helps to invite the spanish language specialist. Can you help, @angileptol?


Thanks for the suggestion! I just posted to this thread: