Spanish (Mexico) 1: Some inconsistencies

I’ve noticed a few oddities in the Spanish (Mexico) 1 course

¿qué hay de nuevo? = “what’s up?” - it really should be “What’s new?”

correcto = right (correct) - why not simply “correct”?

genial = awesome - why not simply “genial”? Sure, it’s not in common usage in English, but it does have a similar meaning, although the English word’s meaning is more restrained.

maravilloso = wonderful; marvellous - okay, but why not simply “marvellous”?
es maravillosa = she’s wonderful - again, why not simply “she’s marvellous”?
¡qué maravilla! = how wonderful! - again, why not simply “what a marvel”? It’s much closer in meaning.

súper = cool - why not simply “super”?

estupendo = great - why not “stupendous”
¡es grandioso! = that’s great! - why not “it’s grandiose”? Also, why have one English word (great) translated as two different Spanish words (grandioso and estupendo)? It just causes confusion for no reason.

Surely these things need to be changed so that they help us to learn, rather than getting in the way. There’s no reason why a Spanish word shouldn’t be translated to its closest English equivalent, unless the word’s meaning is completely different, and in all these cases (with the possible exception of “genial”, it’s not.

As stated in the other thread, you should post this in the course’s thread here: [Course Forum] Spanish (Mexico) 1 - 7 by Memrise.