Spanish (Mexican): When new chat bots? No grammar bot or meet the natives at any level?


I am now in the second course and so far I only had the chat bot at the very beginning of course 1 (Who Are You?). Beyond that, no other chat bot popped up.

Is this true or an issue with my Android app? If it is true, when will I face the next chat bot?

It is quite frustrating; I paid for memrise pro but there seems to be no proper chat bot (if true) and no grammar bot and not “meet the natives”. Or am I finding this also only in more advanced courses?

From what I know, the Spanish(mexican) course doesn’t have the meet the natives feature. The chatbot may be something that they might have just introduced for this course and testing out, which why it is limited at the moment.

This was almost 1 year ago.
Anyone have any idea when these are coming or what’s happening with these missing features?

I really wish they would add Learn with Locals and Chatbot to the Spanish (Mexican) section. Right now, it is currently only available for Spanish (Spain) but if you’ve made all your progress in Spanish (Mexican) I don’t really want to start from square one somewhere else. Beside that, I would prefer Mexican pronunciation seeing as I have more of a need for it in the US than Spain Spanish.

I feel like I paid money for advertised features that are not there. I will certainly not re-up my membership unless they add it before then.