Spanish 1 to 7 [Polish version]

So I’m doing Spanish [Polish version] and now I’m at 4 but I found few things that could be mistakes or maybe lack or precision.

Both “ahí” and “allí” (probably from Spanish 2 and 3 but I’m not sure) are translated as “tam”. That’s correct but how should I know which one should I use? Maybe “allí” as “tam (bliżej)” and “tam (dalej)” or something like this?
“El sombrero” is translated as a “czapka” but it’s more common to use this world as “kapelusz”. Especially when in the same section it’s translated as “kapelusz”. So maybe add another translation?
In 4th course “vais a ir” is translated as “zamierzasz iść” (2nd person, singular) but it should be “zamierzacie iść” (2nd person, plural).
“Buen viaje” is translated as “szczęśliwego lotu” (I’m not sure about szczęśliwego but it’s in 3rd course) that translates to Polish as “buen vuelo”. It should be “szczęśliwej podróży” or “szczęśliwej drogi”.

Also the sentence “va a ir a un museo esta tarde” didn’t work for me because there was only one “a” and I needed two…

Hi. I found mistake on

Hi! I study on your app Spanish language. my native language is Polish. I see one but big mistake in second course of Spanish. You translate nuts en spanish as los frutos secos but I live in Spain and here everyone says nogal (el nogal) - los nogales

Ok so I found another really bothering mistake.
Spanish 7 (Hiszpański 7) - Level 21 (" Miejscowa społeczność")
“La huelga” is translated as “uderzenie” and “hacer huelga” as “uderzać” but it for sure should be “strajk” i “strajkować”.