Spanish 1, All levels learnt, but it shows 440/450 words learned, unable to complete the course

I just completed all 17 levels of Spanish 1 on web and on android a few days ago, but it shows only 400/450 words learn.
I have checked all 17 levels again, no new words to learn and no words are ignored. May I know how do I resolve this?

Hi @catchlights_sg and welcome to the forum,

Mine shows 440/450 on the web version, too. The ‘missing’ 10 items are those in the grammar lessons, which you can only learn on the app version. For “Spanish (Spain) 1”, these are Level 2 (2 items), Level 4 (3 items), Level 6 (2 items) and Level 9 (3 items). If you have completed these levels on your android app (and all the others), it should show 450/450 there. Mine does. If you want the course to display as complete on the web version, you need to ‘ignore’ these four levels. I haven’t bothered to do this on mine, though.


@alanh, thanks for clearing my doubt.

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