Source for Pope Pius IX's HSK example sentences?

Hi. When asked to choose a meme to remember a word in HSK 5, I often like the examples given by Pope Pius, and they seem to be C+P from a text - I would like to obtain the text that he used to post these memes. Anyone know? I am good at vocabulary at this point but I need example sentences to make use of these new words. Thanks for any help!

WORK - PAGE – 项: ITEM ; neck; sum; funds

/ 像 向 巷 橡 象 项 /

/5 项链 5 项目 6 事项 6 项 /

/HSK B 项 HSK B 项目 HSK D 事项 HSK D 项链

/士兵在执行一 任务./

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Hi all!

The one above doesn’t look like mine

I usually handpick sentences from the following dictionaries:


I don’t have any special texts ¯_(ツ)_/¯