Sound on Memrise

I think it would be a good idea if Memrise and Decks had an easy-to-find button on all of the courses, so that when it is pressed, there is no sound whatsoever. This is because sometimes people use Memrise in work and don’t want their boss to hear the beeps!

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There’s a “mute audio” button on the web version. So if you used the Decks website on your phone, you should be able to see it.

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Yes, but how can it be done on an android with Memrise?

Keep your phone on silent mode? :smiley:

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Tried it, still get beeps from Memrise when I finish a section.

Go to your app settings (by tapping “You” and then the gear wheel in the top right corner). Then scroll down to “Multimedia settings” and tap “Audio”. That should turn off all Four of the audio settings.

Good luck!


Thanks alanh, I will try it.

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OK. I have tried it on my android phone and it works for me.

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The same thing, I always reboot the application,

Did it work?

Yes it did work. Thank you all

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Yes me too getting beeps from here after completing each section