Sorting test doesn't appear when reviewing

I activated sorting tests in the settings, but when reviewing no sorting test comes up for sentences (whether frequently or just occassionally).

Since March there is nothing done, thank you.
Stop “improving” and first of all correct all the bugs!
I`m paying for that!

Hi @samathome,

We’re sorry we missed this.

By sorting tests, do you mean like this:

Could you also please confirm if you have enabled this on a course of your own, or just in your learning settings? If you could let us know the course(s) you are learning or referring too, this would help us to identify the issue.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Memrise team


Dear all,
sorry, I was on holiday for a few days…

I enabled sorting tests in my preferences.
The issue impacts the web version only.
All courses are involved, official ones and user created.
No sorting test comes up while reviewing (I do not use any audios)…
The most impact is when reviewing official courses because of more sentences and not only words (German->BEnglish as well as BEnglish->German).


Hi @samathome,

Thanks for getting back to us.

We are in the process of rebuilding some features/modes on web and the web team have advised that a fix for this issue should come when we release these over the coming weeks.

We’re sorry we don’t have an immediate fix for you right now, however you should still be able to do tapping tests on the mobile apps.

Thanks for your patience,
Memrise team


Hey, the bug exists for one year, your reply is almost half a year old, no update???
thank you…

Sorry, but I stopped my premium account a second time, so many issues across the whole platform and no hope for a progress…

Hi @samathome,

Do you have Alpha/Beta enabled for web? Read more here:

I’ve just tested one of the courses you are learning on Google Chrome and am seeing tapping tests:

I have noticed that a lot of the courses you are learning teach vocabulary one word at a time. As tapping tests tend to appear with longer sentences, it could be that you are seeing them infrequently because of this.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,
Memrise team.

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That’s too easy!
None of the official courses have sorting tests for a year!
You’re right, one word phrases make no sense but all the official ones have a lot!
I use Windows 10 / Edge Standard…