Sometimes sessions are so looooooooong!

(Interactomica) #1

Sometimes sessions are so looooooooong!!! Please make them shorter!

(Thomas Heiss) #2

You can customize them here:

Once upon a time there was Cooljingle’s great “Memrise Infinite learning” user script where you could proactively end a 100 words review session when you clicked on the left top number in the progress bar.

With that trick you could end your session earlier for more complicated courses which contain longer phrases/sentences when you used the “all typing” user script (no multiple-choice) when you run out of nerves and you hardly remembered (recalled) any word.

I regularly had used this functionality.

Unfortunately staff made a new (bigger) code (module) changes on the web and now this script from March 2018 is not working anymore.

I wish we could have at least the functionality back in a new script:

    1. to show the x of 100 words progress functionality (x is the number of the current word which has already been reviewed from the queue; the x number should also be working with errors which you have to repeat at least one time)
    1. to end a 100 words review session earlier jumping back to the normal points summary dialog and 2nd “streak saved” dialog with the normal NEXT button (for not completed courses) where you can then press the X next to jump back to the course overview
    1. or alternatively: Customize per starting session or in a permanent script configuration if I want to have 100 vs 25 reviews for which course of my list:
      – 100 words: for easier single word courses like my PT BR Duolingo course where Memrise Turbo is activated
      – 25 words: for harder courses like PT6+7 where “all typing” is activated is for phrases/sentences and “Memrise Turbo” is deactivated

Point 2) was great depending how well the backlog review went I could push through in my session to 100 or end it after 20-50 reviewed “words”.

Best regards / Viele Grüße aus Deutschland

(Thomas Heiss) #3

I forgot something to mention:

If you want to shorten the six learning steps for planting NEW (easy) words, you can use Cooljingle’s “Auto learn” Tampermonkey/Violentmonkey user script: